Republicans Have God On Their Side: Pam Spaulding is gutless

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Pam Spaulding is gutless

I am issuing an official challenge to Pam Spaulding to debate me. I have no doubt that she will decline due to the lack of backbone. I guess that is like taking care of an animal. If you are too lazy to do what you say you believe in, it dies. Pams rhetoric is just like Tonka. She reminds me of a child that gets a rabbit for Easter then forgets to feed it. Eventually the parents have to get rid of it before it starves. It is a shame that Tonka had to suffer neglect. What really is scary is that she will do the same thing all over again. It should come as no supprise that she is an abortion supporter. We get it Pam. You wish you were born a man. Now let the animals live. At least go on a "butch" hunting trip and kill them quickly. Don't make another dog sick so that you can "get off" on it. All of this would not happen if you would take up softball like all other dikes.