Republicans Have God On Their Side: Republicans will carry the '06 elections!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Republicans will carry the '06 elections!

It is obvious that the left has lost touch with mainstream America! It is sad that they are still trying to breathe life into a dead party. They have ranted and raved over the last several years while the rest of us have lived our daily lives unaware of their ridiculous ideology. We have all gotten past the 60's and decided to grow up. They on the other hand refuse to grow up and join the adult population. I noticed today that the stock market has just hit an all time high. I wonder what part of that did Bill Clinton contribute to? I wonder how long they will continue to slant their polling data and actually expect the rest of us to believe it? I wonder if they think that God accepts their homosexual "friends"? I wonder how long they will continue to embarrass themselves by screeching and offending. I wonder.

And, by mainstream America you mean you? I've got news for you buddy.
I mean the same people that voted for your current President. It was already on the news, buddy.

Don't be an idiot, buddy.
I am not. I voted for a winner, buddy.
You may have, but the vast majority of the country is no longer on your side champ. Read the polls, encounter reality.
I will wait on the election for my facts hot shot. Read a book, encounter reality.
If your position is mainstream, why are you working so hard to convince people? It seems like you should have more faith than that.

Furthermore, the polls are leaning democratic. Mostly, because people are sick of idiots like you running the country.

Finally, I'd love to hear of a reading list that I could read that helps me to "encounter reality" rather than opinion. Books deliver opinion of one individual, mostly. Polls are representations of public opinion--though admittedly, they're not perfect. Yet, they seem a much better option than what one person thinks about the state of the union.
You are the one calling names. Are you having doubts about your position?
I'd love to hear of a reading list that I could read that helps me to "encounter reality" rather than opinion.
May i suggest you start with the King James Version?
So...the whole thing? Or was there any specific passage you could point to.
I would start on the first page and go from there.
So, what you're saying is that you can't point to a specific passage that supports any of your points.

I am saying that you cannot find a mistake in something that you choose not to agree with. That really bothers you and that is God working to help you see your need.
You are indeed a prophet, Sir.

I have read the Bible, King James version, and more than once.
I especially like the parts where God commands his flock to take the city, kill the men and women and elderly and the male children, but to keep the female children as slaves.
Maybe you should start at Deuteronomy, Brandon.
Although if you skip Genesis you won't know why God has to commit adultery with Mary so he can have a son to kill to correct the mistake he cannot have made with Adam, being infallible.

Hope you like humble pie, GOP.
America has spoken clearly.
You are a nut job!
Thank you.
I return the compliment.
Thank you.
I return the compliment.
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