Republicans Have God On Their Side: Pray for this man!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Pray for this man!

He is fighting with the sin of homosexuality.
Pray that he can overcome his sins of the flesh.

Huh, I completely forgot what Matthew Chp 7 says. I seem to have burned my Bible I normally use as toilet paper, I I actually read a bit of it once. Not exactly sure what it said though...
Maybe Pam is taking care of this guy. I would guess that AIDS will do the rest!
No comment?
Maybe the Rev Ted Haggard is helping out.
Do you know why all Republican men seem to be
All sin is wrong. I will pray for you and hope that your defiant attitude is replaced with understanding.
I think my understanding is coming along nicely, thanks.

Seriously, so many Republican leaders lately have proven weak vessels...Foley, Haggard, Hastert, Delay, Noe, Cunningham, Weldon, Allen...the list grows daily it seems.
Americans have noted the hypocrisy.
They understood that Kerry is a coward. He lost for himself in 04 and will lose for all libs on Tues.
Nice change of subject.
Do you get joy from being divisive?
From seeing half the nation as enemy?
It is politics, not war. You clearly do not understand either.
And you are too cowardly to comment on my post, but only change the subject, as usual.
Queers are sick.
Love thy neighbor.
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