Republicans Have God On Their Side: Democrats are baby killers

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Democrats are baby killers

Support the right to life!

I would like you to post some evidence for the claim that reducing women's rights with regard to abortion law over the past 6 years has resulted in a lower rate of abortion.
It all comes down to the fact that you know Roe v WADE is on borrowed time. PLease refer to the picture of the aborted baby. Hitler would be proud of you.
I think you misunderstand. Evidence to support your claim is what I asked for.
I am supporting the lives of babies. Look below. What about their rights?
Evidence to support your claim, please. You still haven't provided any evidence to support the claim that stricter abortion laws reduces the number of abortions.
Then why do you fear it being illegal? If it will continue anyway?
Because I would like to see less abortions happen, and whatever we need to do to accomplish that, I'm for it.

The biggest progress this country has made has been to support young women who find themselves in the unenviable spot of having an unwanted pregnancy. If they know they have support, they're less likely to have an abortion.
Now, evidence please.
Out of all of the great things that this country has done, you are pointing to abortion as the best? I would have pegged you as being more on the side of Civil Rights.
One of the greatest things this country has done is to separate church and state, given the history of religions warring and persecuting when able to.
Any comment, Mr. Disappearing GOP?
It sure is a big change from your first comment.
Well, sure. That was satire.
Not this one.
You say that every time you lose a point.
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