Republicans Have God On Their Side: Can you pick out the anti-Christ?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Can you pick out the anti-Christ?

Yes, can you?
I am glad to see that you recognize Hillary.
Why Hillary and not the other two?
You really are not that bright,are you?
That comment is really quite laughable, coming from an idiot like you.
Did I hit a nerve? I notice that you are a name caller. It is sad really. I will pray that you are eased of the denial induced pain that causes such outbursts. This may be brought on by your apparent lack of confidence in your supposed opinion.Just because I am smarter does not mean that I consider myself a better person. We are all lambs of God.
Who knew lambs had the capacity for hate?
You consider truth hate?
And here I thought Bush the Antichrist.
I bow to your superior Christian intellect.
That was satire.
Surely your 'superior intellect' noticed?
I am glad that you are willing to admit that I am better.
Guess your satire sense isn't well developed.
Kind of like your grip on reality.
You just can't take the Hillary truth can you? Does it sting a little?
I just love your Jesus frowny face there when you reply.
It reinforces your cartoon intellect.
The Hillary's heel?
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